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My future business.


Businees my future dream to make a business useful and fun useful for students, useful for the community can provie comfort for the end of  that business it is a verry pleasant thing to have your own business. Ideals I would like to have join togetherto lear, where  chill out that we can learn  to seek  knowledge by providing the learning. Learn to seek knowledge by providing books that are there then join together to  learn even  more intereting and I also want to add right relax  where is the fun place to explore for example the display theme can be changed fox so that visitors can enjoy a moment of and take pictures added typical food of the village because I fell my mother is very very cook very good and I would like to indroduce the typical cuisine this village the entire universe. Where the place  of  business and I hope  I can make customers  comfortomers. A lot of things I want to do  a business but this business even though  small and ordinary but if it is useful for people  why not then one of his parhaps this need of business which I wil create in front of the masses.


Jumat, 07 April 2017

Ask an Expert


Interviewer : Excusebme brother can’t wika ask for a minute to    interview figures kanica this
Interviewed : Yes it is okay
Interviewer : Sorry before  his name the brother who
Interviewed : Aniza febriani
Interviewer : When big brother set up this business?
Interviewed : I already a long time also ro start a business just figures physical  I  starded beginning  1  january  2017 earlier, before I also opened a business name  “brening kitchen legit” food traditional new spaper that has been packaget in a modern from such already strart in the year 2014
Interviewer : Who strated the idea to build towers and defend agains this business
Interviewed : My own
Interviewer : What right brother there to open a business in another place
Interviewed : For a while there’s only one place  figure physique  on the road
Interviewer  : What is the reason older brother to choose this business   
Interviewed : first of all I like the fashion because  I  want to get into the community to get to know the fashion kanica like this
Interviewer : How the reselts of this effort during the opening figures of this
Interviewed :Alhamdulilah Smoothly, what else in terms of chart the beginning of january has gone  up and my initial build of this borrowed  capital. Time the  first month alone I’ve been  albe to give you the business capital of this
Interviewer : what  made brother inspired to have this

Interviewed : indeed because I like the style of the present times, and why the elder brother gave the name kanica, because starting from the name Aniza niza in intermittent into nica so add K  in “KANICA”. 


Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

How to Give a Speech


It's time to overcome what people fear more than death is public speaking. See Step 1 to learn how to get through your next speech without thinking about your history teacher in his underwear.
Part One of Three:
preparing Speeches
1. Choose your message. Your speech should be summarized in a sentence, maybe two. This is what your speech really boils down to: it's what gets you started with and what you're going to come back to at the end. It's simple and people can stick to it.
2. Know your audience. This will determine your overall speech. You will not deliver the same speech for the four-year-olds as you did for the CEO! So know your audience.
3. Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen? People will give you a strange look because it did not give a speech according to the "expectation" of them. No more than that. Think what you will get, overcoming the fear of public speaking. complicated you can use (hint: if they do not know much, do not use it)
4. Research your subject. If your subject is you, congratulations! You probably already know you like the back of your hand (or arm or leg, but maybe not the head). But if not, be examined. Pros and cons! If people can poke holes in your argument, it's not a very effective speech.
• Have at least three points to support your message (one brief sentence you are working with). Address cons, but do not focus on that.
5. Use stories, humor and metaphor. A speech full of dull, meaningful statistics and facts probably will not get you anywhere with any audience. Will eliminate the human mind in a split second if it all was heard. More live pictures you can paint, the better.
• Self-deprecating humor (making fun of myself) have a place ..
• The antithesis is about using berlawanan6
Use flashy adjectives, verbs and adverbs. More about being alive! Take the phrase "bad fishing industry" and change it to "practice fishing industry is terrible." more memorable.
• Think active, too. "When we had the manpower, we can force change,"

7. Jump to the right when the speech went viral on YouTube, you know it well - and Steve Jobs' address to Stanford graduates in 2005 did just that. He started with, "Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That's it. There is no big deal. Just three stories." Boom. Hooked.
• So no hemming and "hawwing", no apology, no "I wonder ...," no "Thank you," only to brass tacks. Get it right there. Do not talk about painting - get right in there and start creating images for them.
8. Write it. Because forming a speech in your head is a lot of work. Writing it, see how the transition from point to point, if it covers all the bases, and if it really says what it set out to say. Otherwise, the reform until that happens.
• You must have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Part Two of Three:
practicing Speech
1.Tuliskan your main points.
• Get to the point where you feel comfortable giving it only with the notecard. The more comfortable you are with the speech, the more it will show when you give it.
2. memorize.
• This does not mean that you should go there unarmed ..
Send it to someone.
• Communicate to someone helps you get used to someone looking at you while you're talking
• Do they really pay attention.
4. Practice in front of a mirror and in the bathroom. Really, you have to practice wherever you can. But these two places will be very useful:
• Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language.
• Practice in the bathroom because it was probably one of the few times during the day where you can mindlessly go over it.
5. Time it. You may have some idea of how long the speech you have to - well you are given a specific time slot or you are given a length requirements for speech. Try to get it comfortably above the minimum and maximum comfortable under - that way if you do not intentionally speed up or slow down, you still gold.
Third Part Three:
Delivering Speech
1.Pikirkan about your posture and body language. Stand like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech.
emotion - this speech is no different. You still communicate with people, only on a larger scale. Although the scale is different, the motion remains the same.
2. Use props.
• It should be used with caution, though. Do not remove the prop is different every sentence. Stick to one prop truly effective, such as the brain. Use it sparingly, but effectively.
3. Know when and how to use the picture. A PowerPoint can be a great addition to speech (for certain topics, at least).
• Use graphs to illustrate your point, especially if they are difficult to understand.
 • Do not face the picture when you're talking! You know what's in there - keep delivering a speech to your audience, not the screen.
4. Select the people in your audience, do not scan. Many people are under the impression scanning is ideal audience - and if it makes you nervous, just sort of scanning the back wall.
5. Vary your tone. This should be your go-to. But to keep your audience awake and to keep your speech is dynamic, diverse it .. It's much more effective orally than on text.
• Show emotions in your tone, too. Do not be afraid to laugh a little or show a bit of sadness or frustration. You're human. your audience is looking for a relationship man, not a robot spit they said.
6. Do not forget about the rest. Now think about the sentence with a pause after each period.
• Take your speech and actually write on pause if it will help you
7. Summing up by restating your message and said simply, "Thank you.". Keep it to the point, locking eyes with the audience, thanking them, smile, and get off the stage.

• Take a deep breath. You do it. The next time you will give a speech about how to give.


Sabtu, 25 Maret 2017


Paragraf 1 :
v  Satisfy = Memuaskan
v  Consumtion = Konsumsi
v  Satisfaction = Kepuasan
v  Resources = Sumber daya
Paragraf 2 :

v  Employed = Memperkerjakan
v  Engage = Mengikutsertakan
v  Theoretical = Teoritis
v  Analyze = Menganalisa
v  Analyst  = Analitikus
Paragraf 3 :

v  Forecast = Ramalan
v  Tax = Pajak
v  Revenues = Pendapatan
v  Particular =  Teliti
v  Firms = Perusahaan
v  French = Francis
Paragraf 4 :

v  Paychecks = Gaji
v  Risks = Risiko
v  Risk taking = Pengambilan Risiko
v  Initiative = Inisiatif
v  Percentage = Persentasi
v  Measured = Diukur
Paragraf 5 :

v  Regarded = Dianggap
v  Rather = Lebih
v  Opt = Memilih
v  Tycoons =  Konglomerat

Vocabulary Focus
Exercise 1.
1.     Check
2.     Monitor
3.     Monitor
4.     Control
5.     Control
Exercise 2.

1.     Paragraph 1 line 6. Costs = B) Expenses, Outlay
2.     Paragraph 3 line 2. Monitor = G) Place of work
3.     Paragraph 4 line 5. Flair = D) Skill, Talent, Inclination
4.     Paragraph 4 line 3. Entrepreneur = E) Employed
5.     Paragraph 3 line 1. Forecast = H) Prediction
6.     Paragraph 2 line 4. Provide = A) Supply, Equip, Outfit
7.     Paragraph 2 line 1. Job-Setting  = C) Control, Manage
8.     Liable ( Noting on Paragraph ) = F) Responsible
Exercise 3.

1.     Flair means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.     An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals.
3.     tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful. 
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased words for reference on to the consumer. 
5.     The management will provide accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.  
6.     He has always been liable for his children. 
7.     The benefits or fringe benefits of the job include a car and free health insurance. 
8.     He won’t Self- employed as an economist until next year. 
9.     An individual hopingto start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial quality or talent. 
10.  Unfortunately forecasts of higher profits did not come true. 
11.  Economists are concerned with the production, distribution and comsumtion

I can’t imagine life without ,,#insyaallah


I am looming right live without guidelines that the Al-qur’an perhaps  I will wander down the road that went astray but Alhamdulillah I have the guidance  of   Al-qur’an  and hadis, I am too negligent in running the right command Allah the I am grateful that  I have the guidelines and of god with me. Amiin
In the life  I also imagine if life without electricity or light may I can’t see the contents of this world I also had looming right if  I don’t have a cell phone perhaps communist is very difficult because it is hard for me to contact my family far away in the village. I also can’t imagine if had no education when I might not be able to recognize and know everything better, because education is important towards a good future for this country prove that as a human being that useful. I  also can’t imagine if life without something cling on my self and I am grateful for Allah give it to me now and so on.

Life may indeed can’t imagine if have  no what is what but thank god I can feel rigth favors Allah. Give me to feel rigth there in the face of this earth . Amiin

sorry if there are wrong words in my account